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Rag Dolls

I make rag dolls in various sizes - x-large 18", large 15", medium 12", and small 7.5". Every doll I make is hand made and unique. I specifically ensure that each one is different, by giving them different dresses, faces, hair stiles and so on. The dolls are made of calico, and stuffed with polyester filling. The hair is made of wool. The dolls are entirely washable, including the clothes worn by the doll, which are all detachable.

X-Large Girl Dolls Large Girl & Boy Dolls
Large & Small Baby Dolls Medium Baby Doll Large Girl Doll Large Girl Doll
Baby Dolls Rag Dolls

X-Large Rag Dolls

Large Rag Dolls

Medium Rag Dolls

Small Rag Dolls

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