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How to make a Christmas Star

Christmas Star
  1. Cut out 12 diamond pieces of paper with 3 inch sides. If you do not already have a template from which to cut the
    diamonds, you can create one from a piece of cardboard.
    1. Draw a horizontal line of 3 inches on a piece of cardboard, and mark the centre point.
    2. Draw a vertical line up from the centre point of the horizontal line.
    3. Draw a diagonal line up from the left end of the horizontal line to the vertical line making sure this line is 3 inches long. Mark the centre point of this line.
    4. Draw another diagonal line, up from the right end point of the horizontal line, to the same point on the vertical
      line, as for the left diagonal line. You have now drawn a triangle.
    5. Draw a long diagonal line from the right end point of the horizontal line, through the centre point of the left diagonal line, so each side of the centre point is of equal length.
    6. Draw lines from the top end of the long diagonal, to the left and top points of the triangle. The line to the top point of the triangle should be horizontal.
    7. Cut around the diamond you have now drawn to create the template.
  2. Cut out 12 diagonal pieces of fabric with 4 inch sides. Follow the instructions from point 1 if you do not have a template.
  3. Sew each piece of fabric to each of the pieces of paper (see diagram 1).
    1. Use tacking thread.
    2. Do not tie a knot at either end.
    3. At each point you will have a tail, do not cut this off.
    4. Make sure the fabric is snug around the paper.
  4. Take two of the tacked diamonds, and sew one side of one diamond to the opposite side of the other diamond (see diagram 2) with a small size 10 or 12 needle. Sew with very small stitches, and do not stitch through the papers.
  5. Take another tacked diamond, and sew it to one side of the two diamonds already sewn together (see diagram 3). You should now have half a star.
  6. Follow points 4 and 5 to make another half star.
  7. Sew the two half stars together by stitching the long sides of each (see diagram 4). Do not stitch through the papers. You now have a full star.
  8. Turn over the outside tails of each diamond, and sew them down. Do not stitch through the papers.
  9. Follow points 4 to 8 to make another full star.
  10. When you have your two stars, sew them together, leaving two adjacent sides open (see diagram 5).
  11. Turn the star inside out, and take out the tacking, and then the papers.
  12. Turn the star back, so it is no longer inside out, and stuff it with polyester wadding.
  13. Fold a piece of ribbon in half, and place the two ends of the ribbon, inside the open point of the star (see diagram 6).
  14. Sew up the gap in the star with the ribbon ends inside.
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