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Fantasy Football (Season 2010 / 2011) - Week 37

Hi folks,


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Sorry about the delay, but here are the end of season fantasy football results, that you have all been waiting for. This years winning manager is Bubu the Cat. Bubu's Purrfect Eleven managed to pick up 129 points in the last three weeks of the season and cruise to victory by 24 points.The manager made no changes to his team thoughout the season. First reaction from the manager on hearing the news, was to casually roll over on his back, and act like the cat that got the cream.

Second place went to the manager of Brookers United. his team played well all seson but were pipped to the post. Third place went to the manager of Team Bombai. His team came good in the last part of the season. Fourth place went to the manager of Haddock's Hero's. Her team played well all seson, but just not quite good enough.

The Manager of Hatters Matterz saw his team collect a very impressive 162 points in the last thee weeks of the season, but it was not quite enough to get the team up into one of the prize winning league postions. His other team Luton Town were also unsuccessful in their quest to regain football league status. Beaten on penalties by AFC Wimbledon, they must play another season in the conference.

Man City players dominated the fantasy football this season. C Tevez was the top striker this season with 241 points. D Silva was the top midfielder with 221 points. N Vidic was top defender with 206 points but V Company was only just behind with 199 points. Top goalkeeper was J Hart with 204 points. Someone has to win the wooden spoon each year, and this years receipient is the manager of Real Bettis Hot Pot. Having started the season at the top of the league table, the managers team have finished it at the bottom. Better luck next season.

Prize money for this season breaks down as follows:

Twenty Two Teams x £5 £110.00
First Transfers 41 x £0.50 £20.50
Second Transfers 24 x £0.50 £12.00
Total  £142.50 

So First Prize = £72.50, Second Prize = £40, Third Prize = £20, Fourth Prize = £10

I must appologize once again for the lack of updates this season, and thank you all for your patience. Have a great summer, and try not to dwell to much on yesterdays poor England result.

Paul How - C.E.O. Howcorp Fantasy Football League

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