Fantasy Football (Season 2009 / 2010) - Week 31


Hi all,

Sorry about the delay in updating the website with the end of season results. I have had to purchase a new computer and it does not currently have the necessary software to update the website. Keith says he have been a bit busy at work and a bit tardy, and just has not got around to doing it.
Another season over and like the premiership, same old teams at the top of the league. Once again the winning team is Marks Superstars. Since the manager only made three transfers during the second transfer window this year, I will have to ban him from making transfers altogether next season. Why - because it's time I won will notice my team Over The Pond leaped into second place on the last week of the season. Third place therefore goes to first time fantasy football manager of the Yidos. Well done to him. Fourth place goes to the Manager of Browns Bombers, another previous winner of the league.

Last place and the wooden spoon goes to the manager of Addlestone Rovers. This is the second time the manager has won the wooden spoon. He previously won it in the 2002/2003 season. What was Keith thinking when he said the manager had Drogba in his team. As befits the manager of the worst team in the league, he chose Anelka and not Drogba!!

As for the rest of you managers, better luck next season.

Prize fund
Entry fees 33 x £5 = £165
First transfer window fees 39 x £1 = £39
Second Transfer window fees 20 x £1 = £20
Interest = £1
Total prize money = £225

First Place - £120
Second place - £60
Third place - £30
Fourth place - £15  

Paul How - C.E.O. Howcorp Fantasy Football

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