Fantasy Football (Season 2008 / 2009) - Week 38

Hi all,



I will start by apologising for this end of season update being late. I have been very busy of late at work. The directors are never short of another dubious business scheme that needs implementing.


Anyway the 2008 / 2009 Howsat91a Fantasy Football Season is now over, and congratulations goes to the manager of the winning team Mark's Superstars. The manager joins a select group of previous two time winners of the league.


The runners up were The Hatters Matterz. The managers team did well but finished 101 point short of the points total required to win. Third placed was Over the Pond, and fourth was Shaun's Spurs.  


The prize fund for the season totals £262. Entry fee's 72 x £5 = £170, First transfers 61 x £1 = £61, Second transfers 28 x £1 = £28, Interest £3.


The prize money is therefore shared out as follows: 1st Place £140, 2nd Place £70, 3rd Place £35 and 4th Place £17.


The Wooden Spoon has been won by the manager of Rusty's Rovers. He will not be happy, I am sure he would have preferred a bone. Maybe he can nash the legs of one or two of his teams players. I suspect the manager Lampard's Lions would happily offer the legs of A Taylor of Middlesbrough. The player ended the season on minus four points.   


Frank Lampard was this seasons top fantasy footballer collecting 353 points. This points total does not include an extra 20 points for being the top player. This rule was dropped from the Dream team rules this season. Gerrard finished the season with 307 points, and Ronaldo finished the season with 298 points. Anelka was the top striker with 238 points. The top defender was Vidic with 257 points. John Terry collected 241 points. Petr Cech finished the season as top goalkeeper with 205 points.


Unfortunately you will not be able to pick Kaka next season, and it would appear not Ronaldo either. However I am sure the top premiership clubs, and those aspiring to be so, will once again splash the cash. Therefore do keep an eye on the transfer market over the summer. At the other end of the market, managers could do worse than swat up on the players from the newly promoted championship sides. 


My commiserations to all of you who did not win. Another season is not to far away. Due to 2010 being a World Cup year, the new season starts on the 15th August, and the fixtures list is out on Wednesday 17th June.



Keith – C.E.O. Howsat91a Fantasy Football League


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